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About Nic-Out Cigarette Filters

This small and simple device provides intensive, multistage cigarette smoke purification: 90% of the tar is extracted.
The filter is made of transparent class-A plastic. The same kind of plastic, which is used for production of baby food bottles

A smoker does not detect any changes in the taste of the cigarette since the method used is mechanical smoke purification. 
The short length of the filter provides no change in the smoke's temperature, which is an important comfort consideration for most smokers.

One Filter is good for 5 Cigarettes, one pack contains 30 filters. This product is invaluable for each and every smoker. The most convincing illustration of this fact is the drastic color change of the bright yellow insert with each consumed cigarette.

Get your smoking habit under control. Filter out most of the bad stuff before it reaches your lungs!

  • Nic-Out is the only 100% effective smoking reduction / cessation product on the market today.
  • Nic-Out Disposable Cigarette Filter is the latest innovation in helping people who smoke to cut off the tar in the cigarette smoke and to gradually lower the nicotine level in their blood and thus to reduce the cravings.
  • Nic-Out Cigarette filters remove over 90% of the tar and nicotine in cigarettes, and does not affect the taste or temperature.


How It Works

Insert your cigarette into the Nic-Out Filter

* Each filter is good for five regular or ten light cigarettes. 30 filters per pack.
* Nic-Out Cigarette Filters are sized to fit regular cigarettes only. Not for use with "slim" cigarettes.